I don't know many places like Skirball Cultural center. It's a cultural center for Jewish heritage. I have seen many excellent exhibits in the museum there. They have exhibits that stay around a couple of months, then move on. The space that these special exhibits is intimate and a easy walk through. The museum also has a permanent exhibit; Noah's Ark. Walking into the Noah’s Ark exhibit at the Skirball was a bit intimidating to me the first time. The parking first off is a bit of a walk from the entrance and having my two kids in tow made it a bit longer. The fee to enter is $12 for general admission, $10 for senior $7 for full time students and $5 for kids 2-12. Under two are free. Thursdays of every month are free for everyone, but it’s very difficult to attain tickets. If you go online or call on Monday AM, you should be able to get some. They do sell out quickly.

After paying you must walk through some of the exhibits to get to Noah’s ark exhibit. The exhibit was breathtaking and completely astounding. The amount of sheer work put into this exhibit is something to see in itself.

When you enter the exhibit you hear one of the docents talk about floods and storms in general and a brief overview of what the exhibit will entail, and the rules about it. You can touch almost everything.

Once you enter, you are taken to a place that is beyond reality. The first room is filled with a guitar case alligator, a zebra fashioned from wind turbines and keyboards, and an elephant and trunk made from rice sifters. Everything in the museum is handmade from recycled and everyday objects and there are probably over 100 animals in the exhibit. Besides having whimsical and all around incredibly made animals in the ark there are activities for the children and adults alike. That is another part of this museum that is unlike any other that I have seen, the aspect of kids and adults together sharing in not only the excitement of figuring out what animal they are looking at, but in sharing in the experience of together pulling on a rope that makes a giraffe’s head move,or making the wolves howl. This is what makes it so special.

My children’s favorite part of the ark is the climbing ropes. The kids wind their way through a ropes course while onlookers watch above their heads. It sits above a whole room, while parents sit below in hammocks and stumps of trees or on gorillas.

There is a new part to the exhibit that is gorillas in a habitat. They are made from tires, and car parts, and are very wonderful to look at as well as sit on and hug. What a great experience.

At the end of the exhibit, the back of the ark, there are different crafts depending on the day and sometimes stories, and music as well.

I hope that this exhibit doesn’t soon leave it’s docking station, because it’s one of the most special museums and exhibits I have ever been to. Worth every moment of your day.

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