My “mom camp” summer was excellent. My kids and I, along with some friends, did tons of activities together. One of my favorites of the summer and a place that I like to say is a hidden gem, is Lacey Park in Altadena. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner. This is a huge park with two different tracks. I believe one is 3 miles and other is 6 miles. They are circular so you can come back to where your car is parked. If you are without kids this is a great place to exercise, but if you have your kids in tow, the playground there is amazing.They have redone it recently, and the equipment is out of this world. A tree house stands at one corner of the park, and at the other more climbing and sliding apparatus. In the middle sits a spider web type climber. This park is made for older kids in my opinion in the 4-12 age range. My kids are right in the right age range and LOVE it. There is ample shade with picnic tables as well as a huge field across from the playground. The playground is also good for kids with disabilities. This is the place where my kids flew airplanes. They were in the large field and I could keep an eye on them from the picnic tables close by. The one tricky part of it is parking. There are a couple of lots and since it’s such a large park you may have to walk a bit to the playground if you park on the other side of it. Bring bikes, scooters or just come for the equipment. It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

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