Downtown Los Angeles has been revitalized with new construction on fountains and a playground in the middle of the city. It’s such a great experience to be there, but you may be deterred by the parking. This “park” is right in the heart of downtown 200 North Grand Avenue, 221 North Hill Street, 221 North Broadway and 227 North Spring St. This park is like a renaissance in the middle of the urban city.

It’s a much needed “green” area in the middle of downtown. Once parking and climbing up the stairs to the top of the hill you will find an amazing fountain where it is encouraged to get in a suit and splash and play in the fountains. There is part of the fountain that is off limits to children but the entire front of it allows kids to play in the couple inches of water. It’s an amazing way to cool off in the summer.

The tricky thing about this park is the parking. It is available in Lot 10 with entrances on Broadway and Hill Street between First and Temple Streets (in the middle of the park). Parking in this lot is $3.50 per 15 minutes, or $20.00 maximum per day, and $10.00 per day for weekends, evenings and special events. Parking is also available in Lot 17 at Olive and First Streets (enter from Olive Street). Parking in this lot is $3.50 every 15 minutes until 4:30 p.m., with a maximum of $20. There is a flat fee of $10 after 4:30 p.m., on weekends and for special events. Parking is also available in nearby lots.

Walking down the hill and crossing a street there is the “green” part of the park. a small area that is green grass and benches with a newly vamped playground. The playground itself is 3700 square feet of gated in fun! It’s very hands on. There are musical instruments to play, and equipment to climb on. The ground is rubber so as to not have lots of scraped knees. The highlight of the playground is a 20-foot-tall structure with two slides. You can climb all the way to the top and get lost in the canopy of the tree house that overlooks the park. Children climb up three levels to reach a 12-foot landing and the higher slide (the lower slide is accessible off the first level). Rope is cabled across the openings, which kids can climb on or use to pull themselves up. There is also a hill for kids to climb and a tunnel for them to burrow into.

All in all the day takes probably 4 hours and is really an amazing place to go in the urban jungle.

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