Pirate's Park-Brookside Park- Pasadena

When we arrived at the parking lot to Brookside Park, we weren’t sure how to even get to the park. Another hidden gem. We parked in a spot in the large parking lot that is attached to Kidspace, and walked alongside the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. We walked in through some bushes and came upon a large playground. It’s a pirate theme complete with a huge ship; mermaid head and all, a sand pit with a water feature, swings, and even a game of treasure to find.

After changing my children from their wet clothes, (after an hour of playing in the water, making rivers and castles) we headed to the playground equipment part. There is a treasure map on one of the walls. My kids immediately had to go and search around for the different treasures; gold blocks, coins, and pirates booty. They spent a good half hour looking for all the hidden treasure throughout the playground. With my help, they found them all. There is plenty of shade at this park, and picnic tables to feed your children when they want their snacks. There is also ample seating on cement benches all throughout the park. Another thing that I noticed is that this is also a very good park for handicapped. The ground is the rubber surface so that wheelchairs can easily move on them, and they have handicapped swings too. All in all this is my favorite park in Pasadena, and a hidden treasure.

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