In my search for the best play land for my kids, I found Peek-A-Boo Playland in Eagle Rock. We usually make a day of it, and go to Swork first. This is a coffee shop like those you see around Los Angeles, with hipsters writing screenplays, but also in the back a play area for the kids to build and play with trains while you drink some of the best coffee around. Just another place for me to enjoy while my kids enjoy also. There are also drinks made for kids who don’t have caffeine yet! Cute princess vanilla drinks and mini bagels.After we leave Swork, we head over to Peek-A-Boo. It’s a great space. The decor is modern, a bit like IKEA accessories. Green circle felt rugs that stick to the floor so no one falls, large leaves that hang from overhead, and a room with bins and boxes very organized. There is always a bounce house there, and a structure in the middle of the place that is multi layered with levels, but feels much like a tree house. If you look at it from the ground you can see it’s their “mascot.” They have pictures up of this stork all over the walls and the center structure is a huge stork itself.There is also an eating area to feed your kids on picnic tables. I like how each of the rooms is it’s own thing. There is a kitchen, a costume room, and a toy room with the organized boxes I mentioned earlier and books, also a building area also. In many of these places you feel completely overwhelmed, and a bit apprehensive, as you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to keep an eye on your children, but at Peek-A-Boo, it’s all pretty open and it would be hard to not know where to find your child. One other great thing about it is that they have a whole upstairs for very young children, two and under. There are age appropriate toys and seats for the parents also. It’s so nice that it’s completely separate.The price of peek a boo is pretty great also. I have two children and the price was $16 for both. A great deal for this place.

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